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Water, Water Everywhere

Flooding has hit our area hard. Do you know what to do? Is your house clean again? Are your personal items back to pre-loss condition?
  We can help. 
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Because all water losses are not equal, call St. Louis Contents first and fast — we're on call 24 hours a day, every day.

When you're faced with water damage due to fire, sewers, burst pipes, or any kind of flooding, count on St. Louis Contents to respond to your emergency.

Our goal is to protect not only your belongings but also your health. We extract moisture, dehumidify your structure, and thoroughly treat affected surfaces to inhibit bacteria, mold, and mildew growth.

Water damage to your priceless personal and business documents and books can also be devastating. Whether it's a filing cabinet full of soggy payroll or your tax records, we will discuss alternatives and arrive at a solution that meets your specific requirements. 

St. Louis Contents cleaning and reconstruction work is finished with a three-year guarantee.

Your Home or Business's Contents Are Our #1 Priority

At St. Louis Contents, your home or business’s contents are our first, last, and only priority.

We provide complete removal, expert cleaning and secure storage services for your furniture, equipment and other valuables. 

Throughout the process, using industry leading technology, we systematically inventory, label, and tag your belongings for your reference anytime, anywhere.

Please reach out with your thoughts and questions HERE or call us at 314-288-8894.




Disaster Recovery Cleaning
St. Louis Contents has the capabilities to restore all of your commercial property needs, including electronics.

Electronic restoration requires a level of expediency in order to bring the item back to pre-loss condition. From TV's, to laptops, to high-end equipment, no job is too big.  

One of our more unique jobs was an Open-Air MRI that had caught on fire at a nearby hospital.  

We were able to assess the damaged areas and fully restore the control room from the residual soot and debris. This was imperative for the hospital to fully function and for the customers who depend on the MRI. 
 Everyday Speciality Cleaning

Did you know that we can clean speciality items in your home?
While many may think of our team when disaster strikes, we are also called upon to help carefully clean electronic equipment, area rugs and fine art.

Vase, before and after Ultrasonic cleaning



Before // After
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A recent house fire left a hand-painted hanging light damaged and covered in soot.

Through our hand cleaning techniques, we were able to deodorize the light and remove the soot from even the smallest crevices.  

This precious light was fully restored and now shines once again in the front room of the customer's home.


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