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Now that the water has receded are you having problems with mold? Mold remediation requires training and experience, without which serious illness can occur.  St. Louis Contents' specialists can safely remove mold and mildew and leave your home of business clean and clear of mold.
  We can help. 
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Broken pipes, heavy rains, flooding and even fire suppression efforts can lead to damaging and dangerous mold growth. 

In Homes. For structures with a lower level or basement, mold removal is generally required after floods due to storms, fire hoses, or broken water pipes.


In Businesses.
Mold can also grow unexpectedly in manufacturing facilities when moisture is present. Molds and mildews are particularly hazardous to the health of those working in the building as toxins, once emitted into the air, may be easily inhaled.

St. Louis Contents cleaning and restoration specialists are trained to understand the scope of water damage and know how mold can spread if left untreated.

We are experts at residential remediation, removal, and reconstruction and can work with insurance companies to provide total relief from first alert to completion.

St. Louis Contents cleaning and reconstruction work is finished with a three-year guarantee.

Your Home or Business's Contents Are Our #1 Priority

At St. Louis Contents, your home or business’s contents are our first, last, and only priority.

We provide complete removal, expert cleaning and secure storage services for your furniture, equipment and other valuables. 

Throughout the process, using industry leading technology, we systematically inventory, label, and tag your belongings for your reference anytime, anywhere.

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Inventory Services

St. Louis Contents values transparency with our customers.
When we are inventorying items after a house fire or inventorying contents for estate planning purposes, it is imperative that our customers understand our process every step of the way.
Contents Track helps us communicate with each homeowner and insurance company using a photo inventory – making it clear that your items are being handled with care.

Find out more about our inventory services HERE.






Before // After
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After a house, a decorative plate was heavily damaged with soot.

We carefully packed up the item and used detail cleaning techniques in order to bring it back to its pre-loss state.  

Speciality content items are very important to us and we value your personal property.


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