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As a company that specializes in contents transformation, our company is undergoing a transformation of its own!

As you can see from the before and after photos below, 

St. Louis Contents has been very busy getting our new building ready to house our conservation and restoration cleaning operations.  



We are happy to say that all systems are a go! Crews are now hard at work, cleaning and processing customers' treasured belongings in our new state-of-the-art location.

If you would like to come by and tour our new facility, we would love to show you around!

Call  (314) 288-8894 to arrange a tour. 

St. Louis Contents Will Handle the Packing for You

St. Louis Contents will expertly pack all of your personal property, restore your contents, and secure them in a climate controlled environment, and then move them to your home.

It is essential for customers dealing with a loss to not have any more complications.  St. 
Louis Contents takes responsibility for the full process so you do not feel overwhelmed.

 We pack out your items in a brown box, and return your restored contents in white boxes.  Click HERE to find out more about our process.  


Your Home or Business's Contents Are Our #1 Priority

At St. Louis Contents, your home or business’s contents are our first, last, and only priority.

We provide complete removal, expert cleaning, and secure storage services for your furniture, equipment, and other valuable items. 

Throughout the process, using industry leading technology, we systematically inventory, label, and tag your belongings for your reference anytime, anywhere.

Please reach out with your thoughts and questions HERE or call us at 314-288-8894..




Before // After
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This homeowner's display clock was recently damaged in a house fire. 
As a treasured keepsake, this clock quickly became a priority for us to clean. The hand-painted item, with delicate watch hands, was quite fragile.

Though our detailed hand-cleaning process, we were able to fully restore the clock and return it to the delighted homeowner.

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