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314-695-5780 St. Louis Contents performs and secures your personal property?
 St. Louis Contents performs and secures your personal property? With the industry-leading ContentsTrack application, our team knows both the condition and location of your contents at any given moment.

      Using hand-held scanners, crews create an inventory of each item, tag or label it, take photos, make notes and build a catalog of a client’s belongings. That inventory is then uploaded to a secure server, accessible to the consumer as well as to our staff via PC or mobile device at any time.

      Whether the item is in our cleaning room, the deodorization chamber or in a secure vault awaiting its return to the property, it’s trackable. That keeps us organized and you informed.

      Want to learn more about our processes? Come and see our new facility.


Your Contents Are 
Our #1 Priority

      At St. Louis Contents, your home or business’s contents are our first and only priority.

      We provide complete removal, expert cleaning and secure storage services for your furniture, equipment and other valuable contents. 

  • Moving & Storage
  • Pack Out & Moving
  • Business & Office Relocation
  • Art Handling & Transport
  • Secured Storage 24/7

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Our Mission...
To provide restoration services emphasizing excellence and individual dignity

Before // After
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Hand painted pitcher and glasses damaged during house fire.  

Our expertly trained technicians acted quickly in order to hand clean and deodorize a hand painted glasses and pitcher.  Through our precision cleaning process, content was fully restored.



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