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September 24th was "Save Your Photos Day."  While we know there's a day for everything splashed throughout social media, we at St. Louis Contents have experience saving these precious records of personal history AFTER a disaster strikes. 
If you have time, it's truly best to use one of the methods now available to review and digitize your photos BEFORE something happens to them. 
First, get all of your photos organized.

Next, we suggest you digitize all your photos.You can do this by setting up a special photography rig to take clear, complete photos of your images.

Once they’re in digital format you can take them and upload them to one of a wide variety of cloud storage options.            
Google has free cloud storage up to a certain amount, and really reasonable rates on getting larger storage when you’ve used all that up.There are other cloud-based options, thumb drives or hard drives available for storing them as well.
And if you haven't, we'll restore them for you...

St. Louis Contents technicians have cleaned and deodorized thousands upon thousands of family photographs for clients in the past, and we'll continue to perform this service as long as people keep paper photos around. 

Even if you'd prefer to copy and digitize them, you'll need to have them cleaned to remove soot or other debris first.  But if you want that particular print, we can clean and deodorize it using proven restoration methods. 
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