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We are experts at cleaning – from top to bottom. From residential spaces to commercial buildings, daily wear to disaster recovery, our team has cleaned it all. Using industry-leading cleaning techniques and environmentally safe, yet highly effective solutions, we can help clean, restore, and protect your home, office, or belongings.

Water Damage Mitigation

Because all water losses are not equal, call St. Louis Contents first and fast — we're on call 24 hours a day, every day. When you're faced with water damage due to fire, sewers, burst pipes, or any kind of flooding, count on St. Louis Contents to respond to your emergency.

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Mold Remediation

Broken pipes, heavy rains, flooding and even fire suppression efforts can lead to damaging and dangerous mold grown. Mold can also grow unexpectedly in manufacturing facilities when moisture is present. Molds and mildews are particularly hazardous to the health of those working in the building as toxins, once emitted into the air, may be easily inhaled.

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Healthcare Cleaning

St. Louis Contents can assist your medical office building or healthcare center with its cleaning needs. From cleaning medical equipment to sanitizing the space itself, our technicians are certified to properly clean and sanitize your entire facility from exam rooms, recovery rooms, operating rooms, and X-Ray and MRI rooms to offices, lobbies, reception areas, and restrooms.

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Hoarding Cleaning

Excessive personal property, or hoarding, can be overwhelming for everyone involved. St. Louis Contents can help you and your friend or family member with the sorting, packing, and cleaning necessary to put a hoarder’s physical space back in healthy working order.

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Estate Cleaning & Packing

The passing of a family member or close friend is an emotionally difficult time. The last thing you want to worry about is packing up your loved one’s belongings and readying the room or home for someone else. Call St. Louis Contents to take this delicate chore off your hands.

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