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How do you keep track of my belongings?
St. Louis Contents uses proven, cutting-edge technology to create an inventory, track, and provide a real-time valuation of your belongings. 
Through industry-leading ContentsTrack inventory software, St. Louis Contents provides you with a user-friendly and transparent method of tracking your belongings throughout the cleaning, restoration, and storage process.
When St. Louis Contents arrives to pack your belongings, they will create an inventory of each item removed from your home or office, taking a photo, making notes on each piece, and creating a catalog of your belongings. The inventory is uploaded to a secure online location, accessible via PC or mobile device on demand by St. Louis Contents technicians and those involved in your claim, including insurance adjustors and construction managers.
Once your inventory has been created, you and your insurance agent can review the items at your convenience and determine which items should be restored and which should be replaced. When it comes time to determining a replacement value, ContentsTrack uses an inventory system built on real-time data to provide you with the most up-to-date information relating to replacement value, as determined by the market and retailers – like Amazon – at that point in time.
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