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Time is of the essence.

When disaster strikes, the first steps you take to protect your belongings can mean the difference between minor damage and a complete loss.

Initial damage to your contents may be obvious. Yet, if the disaster was a water leak or if you experienced a fire – requiring water to put out the flames – secondary damage caused by moisture, mildew, corrosion, or odors can quickly become the main cause for the loss of the majority of your belongings.

Call St. Louis Contents to pack and move your belongings quickly, carefully, and safely.

Acting quickly, our team will survey the damage, document the loss, begin to stabilize and mitigate secondary damage, and pack out and transport your belongings to our secure facility to begin the process of restoration and cleaning. Once the cleaning is complete, we will pack your belongings and deliver everything back to you or store your contents in our secure warehouse until your home or office is once again ready for occupancy.

Moving your home or office?

Integral to our contents business is the process of packing and moving belongings. If it’s time to move your home or office – and you would rather outsource the packing and moving to experts – call St. Louis Contents.
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