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St. Louis Contents has the expertise needed to recovery and restore art, furniture, and antiques following fires and floods and can mitigate and repair these items when damaged by mold.

Water damage

Initially, our expert technicians will work quickly to mitigate any further damage, often separating and stabilizing items that can bleed or bond together. These initial steps may include disassembly of the item to reduce the potential for mold, drying on site, drying at our facility in specialized equipment, or dehumidification treatments at our facility.

Fire or smoke damage

When your treasured items have been damaged by fire, water damage often comes hand-in-hand as fire suppression efforts unfold. Limiting damage caused by smoke and soot contamination begins with the same steps detailed above for water damage. These same initial steps will also work to halt corrosion often caused by the acids in soot.

Once the initial, onsite mitigation is complete, our technicians will carefully inventory, pack, and transport your valuable items back to our secure facility. Once there, we will continue the restoration process using the wide variety of industry-leading tools available at St. Louis Contents, including ultrasonic cleaning systems, de-ionized electronics cleaning procedure, a patented wash system, a deodorizing room, or hand cleaning.

We will assist you with the restoration of your art work and the complete cleaning and refinishing of your furniture and antiques. Additionally, we can work directly with your insurance adjuster and provide storage of your valuables as needed.
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