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Broken pipes, heavy rains, flooding and even fire suppression efforts can lead to damaging and dangerous mold grown. Mold can also grow unexpectedly in manufacturing facilities when moisture is present. Molds and mildews are particularly hazardous to the health of those working in the building as toxins, once emitted into the air, may be easily inhaled.
 Mold remediation requires training and experience, without which serious illness can occur. St. Louis Contents' specialists can safely remove mold and mildew.
Once a space has flooded it is important to dry everything thoroughly and clean any and all wet areas. Water can also very easily permeate fabrics on furniture, walls, and floorboards and remain undetected to the untrained eye. St. Louis Contents cleaning and restoration specialists are trained to understand the scope of water damage and know how mold can spread if left untreated.

For structures with a lower level or basement, mold removal is generally required after floods due to storms, fire hoses, or broken water pipes. Effective removal begins with identification of the various form of mold or mildew and ends with the assurance that it will not return.
We are experts at residential remediation, removal, and reconstruction and can work with insurance companies to provide total relief from first alert to completion.
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