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We are moving professionals.
With a business built on our ability to carefully inventory, organize, and move entire households or the contents of commercial buildings, you can rely on our team to carefully move your valuable items.
Valuable Items

Our restoration team is often called upon to expertly inventory, pack, clean, and restore a wide variety of contents found in homes or businesses. Fine art, electronic equipment, and soft-goods require special care and expert handling throughout the restoration process. Our team has the experience and additional training necessary to handle the packing and restoration of your artwork and other valuable belongings.

For homes or businesses maintaining an art collection or housing other significant objects, our team is expertly trained to handle and pack artwork to avoid damage and liability during the moving process. Once packed, the art is transported to our temperature-controlled warehouse, where it is securely stored until you are ready for delivery.

We have seen – and cleaned – it all. Our vast experience comes into play with the handling, packing, and moving of extremely valuable or sensitive items. If you need help moving an item or items of great value, call St. Louis Contents to help you get it there safely.
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