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Fabrics, cushions, clothing, and sporting equipment are particularly prone to retaining the smell of smoke following a fire event and trapping moisture and bacteria following a flood or sewage leak. Without expert treatment, these items can quickly become breeding grounds for dangerous mold and fungus, further degrading your valuable items and affecting your health.

Clean your soft items safely and effectively with St. Louis Contents.

Our certified technicians use a system to deeply clean and deodorize soft contents.  Replacing your soft contents and equipment can become expensive.  St. Louis Contents can restore your items and save you money.

Periodic cleaning of specialty gear can prolong the life of your items. For firefighters, athletes, and others using specialty equipment and safety gear, maintaining clean and safe gear is typically difficult. Bring your gear to St. Louis Contents – or schedule a pickup – and our technicians will  help you keep your equipment clean and free from contaminants, odor, and mold.
Inspection & Inventory
When your items are delivered to St. Louis Contents for expert cleaning, our technicians will carefully unpack and inspect each item, creating a digital inventory of your contents. Our ContentsTrack inventory system provides our technicians with complete tracking and control of your contents throughout the process and ensures each item’s safe return to you.

Prep Work
Once inventoried, your contents are sorted by priority and prepped for cleaning.  We recognize that different materials need to be treated specifically. We'll ensure that your items are cleaned appropriately for the materials and type of damage.  We'll also assist you with prioritizing batches based on your needs, upfront.
Cleaning & Deodorizing
Whether by transferring clothing or soft goods to specialties, by carefully cleaning by hand or by using our ultrasonics and special cleaning processes, we will remove the source of contamination as deemed appropriate.  Once dried, the items will be treated by the correct method of deodorization to protect structural integrity, before they are stored or returned to you.
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