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Every day we help our clients overcome the effects of fire and smoke in their home or business. They call St. Louis Contents first and trust us to expertly restore not only their belongings but their way of life.
By using advanced techniques coupled with our own in-depth knowledge, we eliminate even the most difficult problems and an immediate response can mean the difference between restoration of your belongings and difficult, complete loss. During a fire, soot continues to circulate throughout the structure, depositing layer after layer of damaging residue. Attacking and eliminating this residue early is critical to restoring your contents and eliminating any lingering smell of smoke.
Our team moves quickly, cleaning on-site where viable and creating an inventory of your belongings before carefully packing each for thorough cleaning at our facility. Our ContentsTrack inventory system will categorize and track your contents throughout the restoration process and provide immediate replacement costs in instances where restoration is not possible.

Following industry-leading techniques and using the latest in restoration technology, St. Louis Contents fire specialists will turn their attention to your structure. Our contractors will carefully evaluate the damage to your structure and begin to outline the restoration process. We will also work with you and your insurance company together to arrive at a restoration plan that best meets your needs.

St. Louis Contents’ cleaning and reconstruction work is finished with a three-year guarantee.
Because we value what you've built over the years, your first call after the fire should be to St. Louis Contents.
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