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Need a fast, accurate and simple method to track and value your business’s assets? St. Louis Contents’ ContentsTrack inventory management and valuation software can help.
ContentsTrack is specifically designed to track and value belongings through the contents restoration process.
Likewise, for business owners with inventory requirements and financial reporting needs, St. Louis Contents can deploy ContentsTrack to help you meet your reporting requirements, inventorying all assets, providing real-time valuations, and exporting fixed asset reports for your use in maintaining chain-of-custody assets.

Business owners turn to St. Louis Contents for assistance with gathering information for the following inventory and valuation reports:
  • Annual reports
  • Asset, inventory, life-cycle reports
  • Insurance reports, scheduling of equipment
  • Financial reports
  • Compliance reports (grant funding)
  • Valuation and inventory of infrastructure
  • Government Accounting Standards Board reports (GASB 34-35)

We can help you establish capital asset records and determine the “useful life” of assets through a capital asset inventory and on-site inventory services. For those who need to establish and maintain depreciation schedules for infrastructure and equipment, our team can assist quickly and easily without the worry associated with your staff performing these tasks in-house.
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