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At St. Louis Contents, we provide complete removal, cleaning, and storage services for your home or business. Our team will systematically inventory, label, and tag your belongings and transport them to our large, protected warehouse until your structure has been restored and is ready for move-in.

The professionals of St. Louis Contents have been providing expert cleaning services for over 30 years. Utilizing industry-specific Fireline equipment, tools, cleaning agents, and accessories, our team is able to provide you with superior service dedicated to contents cleaning and restoration through expert ultrasonic cleaning technology, delivering the consistent high-quality clients have learned to expect from us.

Pack out

Our expert staff carefully packs all materials removed from your damaged structure and delivers the contents to our secure and environmentally-controlled building, where a detailed digital inventory is made, loaded in our ContentsTrack inventory software, and all materials are inspected for further damage.

Restoration Process

Depending upon the material composition of each item, our technicians will determine the most effective, yet gentle, cleaning mechanism. With a variety of cleaning and deodorizing techniques at hand, including ultrasonic cleaning systems, de-ionized electronics cleaning procedure, a patented wash system, deodorizing room, or hand cleaning, we are able to restore most items. Combining our certified technicians' meticulous attention to detail with Fireline's top-of-the-line cleaning technology provides you with unsurpassed cleaning and restoration service.

On occasion, we will find items that are burned, broken, or otherwise beyond repair. Using the ContentsTrack inventory system, we are able to track those items, determine a real-time replacement value for each, and help you address replacement with your insurance carrier.


Once all of your contents have been thoroughly cleaned and restored, our technicians will carefully pack your items into fresh boxes, organizing the contents by room, documenting each item along the way. At this point, we will work with you to schedule a delivery date, set at your convenience and framed around the completion of repairs to your home or office, returning your cleaned contents safely back to you.
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