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When was the last time you documented your personal property in your home or office?
Often managed with a note pad and a personal camera, these informal personal property inventories are not easily managed, referenced, or periodically updated. St. Louis Contents can manage this process for you.
We can provide contents inventory services to assist with estate planning and insurance documentation. In addition to receiving a professional catalog and valuation of your personal property, you can rest assured that the records detailing your personal inventory are safely stored, securely outside your home or office.

In instances where an inventory was not previously conducted, St. Louis Contents can assist estate executors and family members with a quick and accurate estate inventory onsite, on demand, or at the time of pack-out if belongings are being cleared from the structure.

Once the inventory is created, we will provide a complete digital record of photos of inventory items, carefully noting values, ages, disposition, willing of items, etc.

In addition to assisting individuals, families and estate planners with contents inventories, we also assist auction houses and appraisers as well as landlords and property managers in documenting personal property and contents.
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